Animal in Pittsburgh

By October 5, 2013 November 18th, 2013 Video

I recently came across Animal on Vimeo…Absolutely love their work, especially their edit Illusions (part one), its brilliantly worked and Bingo O’Malleys voice as he narrates…I could listen to it all day. This is one of the staff picks, you can see why below.

Illusions (part one) from Animal on Vimeo.


And this is another stand out edit for Spyder…After dabbling with 3D software, and a very, very long way off these guys, this has now given me the bug…no pun intended.

SPYDER Brand ID from Animal on Vimeo.

We had the chance to work with Spyder on creating this brand identity piece. We shot the video elements in the Chilean Andes last fall while our CG team got to work on creating the almost-too-realistic (slash gruesome) black widow character.

Production: Company Animal (
Created by Samm Hodges and Lenny Wilson
DP: Brad Knull
Sound Design: Defacto Sound
Executive Producer: Kathy Dziubek